THE CHAKRAS: Level One  



"a highly acclaimed chakra class taught in a very unique way."





“Nothing bypasses the Heart chakra. All experiences are embedded within this energy center, influencing how the expression of Love is received and transmitted by the remaining chakras.”

Dr.Fernand Poulin

Through this unique way of understanding the chakras, and with Dr. Fernand Poulin’s ability to see, feel and hear into the energy systems, you will:


  • Learn about your own personal psycho-spiritual energetic structure

  • Recognize when your chakras’ are misaligned

  • Identify which part of the physiology is influenced

  • Listen into their Soulful messages

  • Consciously bring them into flow with Compassion

  • Manage and Integrate your chakra system

  • Live a fulfilling and liberating life


Each week and through a unique sequence, you will explore and live a chakra. Through teachings, group discussions, demonstrations, coaching and meditation, you will free your Heart to fully express Compassion, Kindness and Self-Love.


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During our time together in the introductory class, we touched upon the essences of each Chakra. We prepared ourselves to enter into a deeper relationship with our energetic fields. We explored how the Self that has no history is ultimately the ground of being internally and externally from which we truly are beyond the confines of the Chakras: simple, silent, peaceful, joyful and love without cause.


Through meditation practices, self-inquiries and awakened discoveries, Beyond the Chakras program will:

  • Direct us to dive deeper into the energies of our being to embody what is  True Awareness.

  • Allow us to navigate consciously the three tracks of vibratory states of existence that Awareness rests within, which allows our human experiences to be perceived for what they are.

  • We will journey through the posterior and anterior chakras meeting face to face the egoic clusters that obscure the union between potentiality and possibility (the Sacred Feminine and the Masculine dance).

  • Bring into sacred union the four transformers of our human experience: the physical body radiation, the light body amplifying, the astral body expanding, and the Soul body extending and resonating.


Join us on this crusade to living as the Self embodied as Awareness.