I was sitting in the middle of a circle delineated by stones that were placed on the ground. A Native American man stood outside the circle and spoke to me in his native language that, for some reason, I understood.


He stood in the East and spoke of the importance of the illuminated mind and its influence on creation. As the 'word' is spoken, he says, therefore our reality. The word is formed based on perceptions. The color involved was YELLOW.


Then he walked to the South of the circle and mentioned how, from the illuminated mind and the spoken 'word', we embody and deliver, through actions, that which is set to be created. The color is RED.


The man continued his walk towards the west of the circle. The color is BLACK. He mentioned that emotions when felt in their purity they bring insights to what is missing and desired in life for all Souls involved. 


Then the Native journeyed to the North where the color is WHITE. As he stood there in silence, a breeze blew thru his heart and I saw his luminous body (spirit) permeate the whole of the circle with white light.


His voice echoed:

      "When all of these powers come together as one power, all these winds merge together and form white winds. Then wholeness is re-membered." 


Thus, WhiteWinds brings to the community an integrative approach to learning and healing.


Dr. Fernand Poulin